Thursday, December 5, 2013

APC New Standards Report: Humblebrag Small Business Edition

Several years ago, Mater got me a pair of APC New Standard raw selvedge jeans for Christmas.  I really enjoyed the process of wearing them constantly to get them to adapt to my body.  They ended up fitting snugly but certainly not uncomfortably.  I put them in a drawer during the summer and recently pulled them back out.

In the meantime, thanks to my brother in law and his partners at 5 Rings Fitness shameless plug in Falls Church and their obsession with squats and deadlifts, my thighs have gotten so big that I can barely get the jeans to pull up to my hips.  Dapper Spouse loves this because it's what women have to go through with all of their jeans.  I suspect they still have some stretch in them, though.

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