Thursday, August 21, 2014

Come Again Another Day

There is precisely one drawback to wearing brown suede wingtips, and that is the paralysis occasioned by precipitation.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

An Humble Himplement

Behold the microfiber towel.  I believe 20 were to be had at Costco for $19.99.  My plan was to use them for their advertised use--car cleaning--but not only do they also work well for bathroom cleaning, but they far outstrip old undershirt-rags when it comes to shoe-shining.

If you've ever cleaned clearcoat paint with undershirt, you may have noticed minor scuffs in the top layer--nothing that wax won't fix, but still.  It stands to reason that undershirt could do something similar to leather, even if we can't see it with the naked eye.  Not so with microfiber on either count.  It readily holds a dab of polish and soaks up dry wax when the process is done.  And it's cheap enough that you can just pitch it when it gets too wax-laden.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Everything In Its Place

My sister-in-law is a personage of import and talent in the scrapbooking world.  Dapper Spouse does some work for this family business (one of several, including the previously mentioned 5 Rings Fitness), such as verifying measurements, which sometimes requires her to have the final version of whatever project is at issue. 

The device shown was apparently once known as a "folio cabinet."  Dapper District disavows knowledge of folios, cabinets, folio cabinets, cabinet folios, or cabinolio folinets, but in any event, the item has been repurposed to hold my small accessories: unhangable knit ties, business cards, watches, pocketknives, sunglasses--all of those little things too large for the cufflink holder (also shown, in black) but too small for a valet tray or too cluttery for an ordinary shelf.

The doors even seal with a magnetic closure device.  It is all quite high in production values.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Color Is Hard: Cont'd

Cream trousers and burgundy oxfords, right?  What could possibly go wrong?  Tan socks.  I didn't notice for an hour or so, after which the exceedingly faint lime green in the trousers became as glaring as the noonday sun.  Like how all women on television right now have gently curled hair all of the time.  And you can't wear green with tan like that. 

Think back to the first time a significant other showed you paint swatches.  Remember how you were irritated because the differences seemed so inconsequential?  Well, bucko, you were actually irritated because the differences were truly massive but you weren't skilled enough to really distinguish them.  It wasn't a dumb question; it was that the answer was beyond your brain's accrued powers of perception.  It's not your fault.  Male-presenting people grow up not having to learn this sort of thing.  But it's there, boy-o, and people are noticing even if you aren't. 

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Quality Control

After much deliberation over needlessly long timeframes, I have concluded that Charles Tyrwhitt shirts are a slightly better value proposition than Paul Fredrick's pinpoint offerings.  However, one thing CT needs to work on is consistency.  This is a "spread" collar.  So is this (from a previous post):

The angle formed by the intersection of the collar points (which surely has a technical term which I don't know) is very very different.  So is the gap between the points.  I love the latter collar and feel quite dull in the former.  But the next-widest collar they sell is the "cutaway" which is just a bit much for my tastes.

Problems galore.

Monday, May 12, 2014

DC Stroll: The Menswear Miracle Mile

Acceptable Metro stations:
Dupont Circle (Red)
Farragut West (Blue/Orange)

Begin at the Jos. A. Bank flagship location at 19th and M NW.  As usual, don't buy for a discount of less than 66% off the MSRP.

Out the door, to the left one long block and across Connecticut Ave to Brooks Brothers.  I mostly go here to grope the various fabrics and teach myself more about the kids of textures I like.  They also have nice ideas for shoes, plus the occasional decent necktie sale. 

Out the door, straight ahead across 19th to Burberry.  Lust after the trench coats and leave without buying anything. 

Out the door, straight ahead across Connecticut again to Johnston & Murphy.  Get a great shoe shine for $10 plus tip, which will be well-earned.  Grab a casual shoe on clearance if it grabs you back.

Out the door, to the right, down a ways, there's a Gap on your right, worth breezing through the clearance rack.

Out the door, to the right, pass by the Men's Wearhouse without entering. 

On your right, Charles Tyrwhitt.  Overall, a slightly better value proposition than Paul Fredrick, I think, but just barely.  Nice to be able to grope the material in store rather than through mail-order.

Cross back over Connecticut Ave and hang a left.  Allen Edmonds store on your right.  I need say nothing more, although they tend to overstock weird shoes and understock cordovan.  A good way to get your AE size, in any event.

Out the door, turn right, and Thomas Pink has a storefront in the Mayflower (natch).  Marvel at the striking colors.  Consider buying one of their tuxedo shirts.

Pop in to their bar for a tonic water.  You've earned it.  Pour out a little bit for Filene's Basement, which used to be just north of you, across the street.

Back out the door onto Conn Ave, hang a left, then right on L Street.  Down a block and change, on your right, one of the few remaining J. Press retail locations in the world.  I can't afford jack squat here but love to caress the tweeds anyway.

For your victory lap, hop a taxi to the Alden store near Metro Center.