Thursday, January 24, 2013

Snow Day

I had a bad experience during one of the huge 2010 snowstorms--got stuck on the side of the road for seven hours.  Of course, I ran out of gas, and my battery died, and so all I had to keep warm was my suit and overcoat.  (I removed the zip-in lining to wrap around my feet.  It was bad.)  Since then, I've been wary of driving in snow, but the dusting we got last night just wasn't enough to deter me by the time I walked outside this morning and realized, "Hey, it snowed last night."

If you're careful and thorough, and you make sure to wipe/shake/knock the snow off your calfskin shoes, they should be able to hold up.  Dry them off at your earliest opportunity.  Overshoes or galoshes aren't a bad idea, but make sure they go up high enough, or you'll just end up with snow inside your shoes. 

The real problem, though, is the dry air and attendant static electricity.  My heavy wool coat actually stuck to my pants leg yesterday (granted, they were tweed pants).  Really messes with the "drape" we all prize.  A spray bottle of water is a useful fix, but it never works for me past about 15 minutes.  I hear hairspray works well, but I hesitate to touch my suits with that.

Anyway, here's to dressing up even when the weather disagrees.

Monday, January 14, 2013

Scarlet [Letter, O'Hara, Johanssen, Socks]

It might be fair to accuse me of chasing cheap thrills.  However, compared to bungee jumping, red socks with an otherwise conservative gray suit, black shoes, and subdued tie are downright safe.  If you want more "my pants, socks, and shoes" posts, you'll have to visit Will at A Suitable Wardrobe, as his vastly larger supply of shoes, mostly bespoke, is simply more photogenic.

This is also a good time of year to catch up on your major menswear bloggers as they reblog photos of themselves, taken by others, at the Pitti Uomo menswear trade show.  See, e.g., Simon Crompton.  If I only had a beard and the dosh for a round-trip ticket to Italy.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Why Does Everyone Joke About Getting Sweaters For Christmas?

Very straightforward pima cotton v-neck sleeved sweater from JAB.  (Thanks, Mater!) Mid-gray color means it coordinates well with the darker grays one usually finds in suiting.  Suit is a JAB Signature Gold; necktie from a random brand at Davelle; Calvin Klein hidden-placket car coat from Filene's (requiescat in pace); Charles Tyrwhitt shirt with a great roll to the collar.  For those cold, cold walks from the parking garage to the courthouse.

The only nettlesome thing about wearing a sweater with a tie is what to do with the bit of the tie that extends past the top of your belt.  I have the best luck with just tucking it into my pants.  It comes out a bit wrinkled at the end of the day, but it's, net, better than having your necktie peek out from the bottom of your sweater.