Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reappreciation, Part 1: Colorful Stripes

Clotheshorsing around isn't just about acquisitiveness, which is good, because an expensive car repair has kept me from buying much lately.  I can slow down and derive some joy from re-focusing my attention on what I already have, which is a lot.  Take, for example, the coordination between stripes in this suit (Jos. A. Bank) and shirt (Paul Fredrick):

I used to have the perfect tie for this combo--a sky blue with white/black microdot, $15, Filene's--but it went missing in the mail after I accidentally left it in Miami.  Easy come, easy go.  But nevermind that--look how the light blue pinstripe on the pants picks up the major blue of the shirt, then the offwhite pants pinstripe reaches out to the white bengal stripe of the shirt and creates a spectrum between tan, offwhite, and white.

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