Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Clothing Hacks: Nametags

Much credit to Zach Kitts of my office for this tip.

Conferences and meetings often issue nametags with alligator clips to attach to your clothes.  But if you leave those on a suit jacket, shirt, or anything else for more than 10 minutes, they leave an indentation that takes a long time to come out.

Instead, attach the alligator clip to your hotel room key or a credit card and stick the key/card in the breast pocket of your shirt or suit jacket.  The nametag will hang over the lip but spread its weight across the entire width of the pocket, preventing premature clothing destruction.

Problem solved via low-tech, unobtrusive, no-marginal-cost technique.


  1. Nice.... and you'll never lose your hotel room key (a problem for a number of my coworkers).

  2. This idea is so full of win and obvious in retrospect, it almost blew my mind. It's up there with sliced bread and tabbed browsing.

  3. Sweet tip, thanks!

  4. Dapper District Alert! Jos Banks buy one suit, get two free sale this weekend through Sunday!

  5. Thanks for the heads up, Anon.


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