Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tools Of The Trade: Suede Eraser

When you are like me, and you own a pair of white suede shoes, and at least one person at your office has taken to calling you "White-Shoes Johnson" as a result, and you decide to incorporate them into your casual wardrobe all the more fully and often, they get funny discolorations instead of scuffs.  They also get indigo dye on them from your APC New Standards.  This is unseemly.

Enter this unassuming rectangular prism: a suede eraser.  I don't know what it's made out of, but its texture is very...eraseresque.  You basically gently erase the scuffs and stains.  Maybe it abrades the suede slightly; maybe it has some white powder built into it.  At any rate, the stains go away, and there is a fine white dust on the surface where you were working--a net gain, as the dust can be swept away.

I got mine over at the A Suitable Wardrobe shopWill's blog is definitely worth a read as well.

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