Sunday, December 25, 2011

Casual Wristwatch

Santa Claus brought me this Timex renewed classic. (Thanks to Jesse and co. at Put This On for the heads up.) Especially in American menswear right now, "heritage" brands like Timex, L.L. Bean, and Brooks Brothers are seeing renewed interest. They offer consistent quality at largely reasonable prices. For us non-fashion-thralls, it's a great chance to pick up some timeless (so to speak) pieces and wear them even after the trend passes.

Oh, and happy holidays from all of us, i.e., me, here at Dapper District. Dapper District: Posting On Christmas Day So You Have Something Interesting To Read.


  1. Alert! Jos Banks is running a SUPER Sale! The usual, buy one suit, get two free sale (i.e66% off). BUT, until Monday, you also get two shirts and two silk ties FREE! That is the best deal I've ever seen them run.

  2. I got the same watch for Christmas, but with a grey face and an orange stripe on the band! It was also featured on The Awesomer:

    1. By the way, you can get a nice variety of textile watch bands from Brooks Brothers for a reasonable price.


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