Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Seasonal Wardrobe

Now that my linen and cotton eBay acquisitions have returned from the...alteror, I have a good set of suits in lightweight fabrics. I have a summer wardrobe, in other words, instead of a bunch of all-weather suits. I feel like an aristocrat.

Here, tan linen with black stripes in a 2x2, my first double breasted and an unconventional one at that. N.B. the peak lapels with a buttonhole in each.


  1. Dear Sir:
    A search button-function would be quite useful.
    Say a loyal reader is trying to figure out how to wash his shirts or how to properly tie a tie. If he could just search for "neck tie" or "laundry" he could quickly find all of your writings on that particular topic.

  2. Excellent suggestion, Anon, and one which I have taken immediately to heart. There is now a Dapper District search widget below the subscription widgets.


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