Tuesday, September 18, 2012

eBay Miracles

This tweed jacket comes from an Albuquerque department store that closed its doors decades ago. To borrow a term from Giuseppi at An Affordable Wardrobe, it's bulletproof and oh-so-warm.  Folks, ditch the Snuggie and buy a tweed suit. You have no excuse. Do avoid bidding on the 40Rs, though.

Obviously, brown dominates, but there is a blue-gray hint in there that is just enough to connect it to a pair of dark jeans.

Caveat emptor as usual; some of the photos online made it look downright green, which would have been equally wonderful. The seller had also pinned it rather severely in the back of the mannequin, which gave the jacket the appearance of being far more tailored in the waist than it actually is. That's probably a net Good Thing because overly suppressed jackets start to look a bit odd and pull away from one's chest.


  1. You and I discussed via email, but I want to share it with your other loyal readers: if you shop on eBay and use the Buy It Now option, ALWAYS see if the seller allows for offers! It's an immediate indicator that the seller is willing to accept less money than they've listed, and you get three rounds of negotiation before you have to poop or get off the pot.

  2. It seems that eBay sellers of women's clothing routinely allow Buy It Now and Make An Offer in addition to the auction format for a given item. If only we male-presenting eBayers were so fortunate.


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