Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cooking With Gas

I don't know where Dapper Fiancee got this apron, but it sure works well when I appropriate it.  I suppose something like this would be more practical, but the advantage of a two-tone pattern like this is that it doesn't show grease stains as easily as a vast cream-colored surface or a standard black "Kiss the Cook" apron which is de rigeur for grillmasters.  The wild pattern interrupts the eye's attempts to go, "Oh, is that bacon grease mixed with steak juice and Jose Cuervo?  Just what exactly were you making?"  If you must know, I find cooking less stressful when accompanied by a cocktail.

The t-shirt came from the Saturday-morning confab of local craftspeople who gather in the courtyard outside the Potbelly near the Ballston Metro station.  It has octopus tentacles up and down the front--and the back as well, which you almost never get from Internet t-shirt sites.  Extremely well printed.  Unfortunately, the craftsperson didn't include any information to identify zirself, so I can't offer a plug.  However, ze may still frequent that market and would be worth a visit if so.

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  1. The red dot on the strap (red being kind of generic here). Is it a button, a stain, or a tentacle reaching out from the tee?

    So, is that Mr Dapper, esq, or Dapper Fiancée, née The Lizard?

    Regards  —  Cliff


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