Friday, May 31, 2013

Vitamin D

Back before it was 90 degrees in the shade (why did I wear a navy suit today?), I wore this on a sun-dappled plaza.  Irish wool cable-knit sweater (LL Bean, clearance); green chinos (BR outlet); (DSW, no idea the brand, they're so old); Timex Weekender (a gift; can be had now for $35 or less, a very versatile face with easily swappable bands).

I think that was the day I was looking around in the bike shop when the guy came in with a rusted-out bike and a brown paper sack from the liquor store across the street.  The moral of the story is: wipe the snow salt off your bike when you get home.  Come to think of it, the same is true for shoes.  Fret not, my dears; we'll be freezing to death and trudging through snow again before you know it.  At least you're not in Norman, OK, home of my alma mater, tonight.  Apart from that random earthquake a while ago, DC really doesn't get much in the way of natural disasters, and certainly not serious tornadoes.

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