Saturday, August 17, 2013

Words To Live By

"Everybody knows you never go full Euro."  -Kirk Lazarus, Tropic Thunder (2008) (paraphrased).

"When in Vienna..." -Saint Ambrose (paraphrased)

We honeymooned in Austria.  European guys are known for being more fashion forward than American guys, and the reality matches the reputation.   It was the hottest summer on record in Austria since the 1500s, so everyone was sweating and equally miserable, but we made do. 

The alley to my left leads to the Bierhof, a fabulous little biergarten where the servers wear stylish lederhosen.  Take the Herrengasse exit from the Herrengasse U-bahn station and just keep walking forward when you come off the staircase.

Sunglasses by, $20

French boater shirt by J. Crew, $40 or so

Blue suede rubber-sole bluchers by Florsheim, $60 from Nordstrom Rack (!)

Timex Weekender, gift ($34 list or so)

Mustard chinos, Gap outlet


  1. It looks like a photo of Lance.

    Regards  —  Cliff

    NB:  Cliff is Lance's older brother.

  2. re: Austrian dress attire, I think you have to admit that the lodenweste has real panache...

  3. Our favorite neighborhood bar featured servers wearing lederhosen. It didn't look terrible.


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