Monday, March 24, 2014

Pattern mixing

Worsted small herringbone next to tweed large herringbone. The difficulty with mixing patterns is that if they are too close to each other in size or color, it will look as though you tried, and failed, to match. What could be worse, apart from nuclear war? Here, I fancy that I succeeded in avoiding that trap.

I worry about Mads Mikkelsen playing Hannibal Lecter on TV for a similar reason. His suits are exquisitely tailored, but they usually give him a solid shirt in a rich color with a paisley necktie in highly similar shades. It looks too matchy, whereas I insist upon only the best for Le Chiffre and the star of one of Dapper Spouse's least favorite movies, Valhalla Rising.


  1. I have not seen Valhalla Rising, but I found the juxtaposition of these two sentences in Wikipedia to be interesting.

    "Instead, they find themselves in an unknown and unfamiliar land.  The film was shot entirely in Scotland."

    It will be all the more unfamiliar after the vote for independence on Thursday, 18 September of this year.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. We can only hope that the election day in Scotland involves as much drinking of psychoactive substances as Valhalla Rising did.


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