Sunday, April 13, 2014

At Last, Grenadine

It's no secret that I'm a cheap dresser who thinks things into the ground before buying.  Nor am I free of the intonations of the menswear bloggers, who tend to all suggest a navy grenadine tie.  Drakes makes them for $100+, but I get vertigo just thinking about spending that much on a tie, no matter how useful.

Enter The Knottery's navy grenadine tie.  (The discoloration in the middle of the shot is an artifact of my camera.)  TK has been around for a while, but their ties are so popular that they tend to sell out really fast.  This time, I got on the waitlist and so was ensured one.  As promised, it has a lot of texture-based personality.  Contrasting textures can make a relatively monochromatic outfit much more interesting, and for this, it fits the bill perfectly.

Outfit photos to come.


  1. My humble village Priest suggested I could do mid-term shopping with confidence. So, I went to the web site and liked the price, but saw nothing re length. Are they all long?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. I don't think so--most probably, they are sold out of the regular length. They tend to sell out quickly after a huge batch comes in. To get mine, I had to sign up for their "notify me when this is in stock" thinger.


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