Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Necktie Weirdness and Collar Conundrum

1. JAB Executive ties tend to do this thing where you can get a good dimple in the front but only if you accept that there's going to be a side dimple on the left side which will constantly be trying to work its way around to the front.

2. Charles Tyrwhitt AND Paul Fredrick, my favorite mail-order shirtmakers, both have this problem now where the points of the collar just refuse to lie flat.  This leads me to believe the problem lies with my body--perhaps my shoulder muscles moved around in a way that causes the points to catch on my collarbones as I move around.  May need to start starching my collars.

3. Buckle up for safety!


  1. It may just be because I live in New England, where the "ergonomic man" is about six inches shorter than myself, but I find JAB Ties to be a big problem.  I need "long ties" and there is a style and quality difference of great magnitude.  I see a tie I like, in a material I like and then find that it is not duplicated on the "long tie" shelf.  So, when I am in the DC area and have some change I go to Pentagon City and buy a tie there.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. This is infinitely annoying but not the end of the world young man. My experience is that the knot just needs to be manipulated a little bit more using your picky finger to slide up unto the knot (from the front) and then using your forefinger and thumb to adequately pinch the little beast into place. And then another gentle tug for good measure. The collar issue is more complicated. Though I would start at sharpening the collar stays a but to reach deeper into the pocket. Though this may be futile if the pocket depth is truncated for whatever reason. Option #2 for dealing with known problem collars is to use to pieces of chipboard and a common office clamp in effort to "train" that darn collar when not being worn. All fabric has a memory and it just might remember to behave by the end of the day. Good Luck.

  3. Intriguing...I happen to have a sister in law with a nigh-infinite supply of chipboard.


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