Monday, June 7, 2010

Protips: Ironing a Dress Shirt

Today, we speak of an exciting thing: ironing.  Above, a prosaic image taken Sunday morning. 

Tips! (for cotton* shirts)
  1. Use the "Cotton" heat setting.
  2. Use the maximum amount of steam.
  3. Use the squared-off end of the ironing board whenever possible to reduce the amount of fabric-shifting you have to do.
  4. Iron in this order: cuffs; sleeves; collar; shoulders; chest panels; back panel.
  5. Pull the shirt's to-be-ironed surface taut before ironing.
  6. Slow and steady--I get the best results if I move the iron no more quickly than three inches per second.
  7. Use water (either from a spray bottle or your iron, if it has that feature) on unwanted giant wrinkles before you iron them out.
(*If you have any polyester dress shirts, donate them to Goodwill and buy some Paul Fredrick ones with the $20 coupon.  Current code: TZMSAM. Who takes care of you? Dapper District does.)

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