Friday, June 25, 2010

What I've Learned: Staying Cool

Yep, it's hot and humid.  However, fortunate reader, I have spent several suit-wearing summers in D.C., and I have a few ideas.

1.  Did I already tell you to replace your polyester dress shirts with real cotton ones?  No?  Oh, wait, I did, and I gave you a coupon code to get them for $20 each at Paul Fredrick (first-time buyers only).  Polyester is heavier and hotter than cotton.
2.  An undershirt.  It's a thin extra layer to carry around, sure, but there's a decent chance it'll keep your dress shirt from getting damp.  Also saves your dress shirts from deodorant stains, if you use a deodorant with aluminum in it. 
3.  Moisture-wicking underwear.  Yeah.  Moisture-wicking undershirts, too.
4.  Do not leave the office unless the sun is at an angle where it casts some shade on one or more sides of the street.  Do not leave this shade unless absolutely necessary and then only for as short a time as possible.  For example, stand in the shade while waiting for a walk signal.
5.  Face the breeze when you are not moving.
6.  Do not leave the office for more than one errand at a time, if you can help it.
7.  Use a bank teller instead of an ATM.  (Free air conditioning!)

What?  You were expecting some sort of miracle?

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  1. 8. Work from 7 am to 9 pm and bill 14 hours a day in the summer so you never have to be outside in the daylight.


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