Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Punctilios: Starch

I finally found a satisfactory dry cleaners near my new office.  (As I've related before, my previous dry cleaners was...not optimal.)  I was impressed that they even had a website, much less one that was well organized.  Sure enough, not only do they charge a reasonable rate on shirts, but they listen to me when I say, "No starch."

I am going to go ahead and Endorse not getting starch in your shirts when you take them to the cleaners.  The massive, fancy industrial presses that they use get very hot and very firm, and they don't miss.  Starch is an unnecessary additive to that process.  I'm also given to understand that it increases the life of your shirt.  Further, I don't like the extremely bright sheen that it gives to my white shirts.

Many disagree; I know, for example, that my dad does.  He likes a stiffer shirt.  But then, he lives in a city where he has to compete with such profligate users of starch as (presumably) this gentleman when he goes to Billy Bob's Texas.

If any of you work for Google: Please sound off in the comments why there are so many pictures of the Jonas Brothers when I do a Google Images search for "cowboy starched shirt".

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  1. By the way, if you're ever in Fort Worth, Texas, you absolutely must go to Billy Bob's Texas for a show and some dancing, or at least a Lone Star beer. Consult me re: what to wear.


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