Friday, April 13, 2012

Nettlesome Problems: Over-The-Calf-Socks Pants Ride-Up

Dapper District occasionally happens upon problems which its meager intellect cannot overcome.  In these situations, as with the problem of baggy shirts, I turn to my expert readers.

The problem is: When I wear over-the-calf socks--and I wear no other kind with a suit--the suiting catches on my calves.  When I sit, I have to tug the pants up a bit, and when I stand, they snag on my calves and have to be shaken out, which I am certain looks odd.  The problem is better or worse depending on the coefficients of friction of the sock and suiting, but it is always present to some degree.

Creative solutions?

Another nettlesome problem: overly hyphenated headlines born of possibly unnecessary adjective-ification of nouns.


  1. I am an over-the-calf sox wearer (except when wearing my jogging shoes) and I can identify with the problem but wonder if perhaps your style of trouser is cut too tight?  Then there is the issue of material.  I suspect some material is more clingy that other.  I don't experience the problem so much in the winter, when the trouser material is heavier.

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. Cliff is likely right on target. I own Gold Toe and Panthrella OTC socks. GT, which is more nylon-based, catches quite a bit, while not so much with the merino-wool Panthrella. Also, heavy wool socks will pretty much always have that issue. I think the solution is to grin and bear it, and be thankful you don't give everyone an eyeful of ankle under a well-tailored suit. -Matt

  3. Pantherella? Tres fancy. I knew my faith in my commentariat was not misplaced.

    Matt, I tossed my Gold Toe socks a while ago for that very reason. Also, the static cling was ridiculous.

    May your shins be ever hidden.


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