Sunday, December 16, 2012

Patch-Flap Pockets

Been meaning to talk about how much I love them on odd jackets, such as the tweed seen here.  Patch pockets are pockets that sit on the outside of the jacket rather than the inside.  Flap pockets have a flap. 

Perfect for those days when you're hunting pheasant and your beaters are doing their work some yards ahead of you.  You can't be seen wearing a bandolier of shotgun shells; that sort of affectation is for people like Pancho Villa, people who are forced to use even their clothing as a political statement.  Instead, shove as many rounds as you can carry into these pockets.  Let them bulge.  Use them.

A bit too casual for court around here, although there's at least one extremely dapper lawyer in the Tidewater area who wears, with chinos, a three-roll-two navy odd jacket made out of a heavier wool material with two patch-flap pockets and a patch pocket on the chest.  I find it epic.  Just goes to show that a person wearing well-tailored pants, shone shoes, an appropriate tie, and an obviously well-designed and well-loved jacket has the capacity to outdress a person wearing a suit.

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