Thursday, December 27, 2012

Why Does Everyone Joke About Getting Socks For Christmas?

Dapper Fiancee's sister and BIL got me some Dapper Classics over-the-calf socks in sky blue (shown), scarlet, and lavender.  They are properly lightweight with a faint ribbed pattern to them.  (Thick weaves with deep clefts look, to my eye, a bit casual.)  Unlike some Paul Fredrick OTC, they go all the way up over my calves; unlike some Jos. A. Bank OTC, the heel pockets actually sit at my heels rather than halfway up my Achilles tendon.

I suppose at some point I'll start buying sized dress socks--all the menswear bloggers swear by them--but that seems like a remote event indeed, like being able to afford bespoke cordovan shoes made from a beloved horse from my childhood.

Was that joke in bad taste?  If it helps your feelings, I didn't have a childhood horse.  In fact, horses and I have never gotten along.  Maybe that's part of why I love cordovan.

Shown with brown Church's oxfords made from a beloved cow from someone's childhood.


  1. And when you get old you can buy OTC OTC Compression socks, except that at Rite Aid they are only in Black.  Yes, I have spoken to the store manager, Michelle.  Wonderful young woman, but no brown OTC's to go with my khaki trousers.

    Happy New Year.

    Oh, and did you join the BIL's gym?

    Regards  —  Cliff

  2. We intend to join once they get it opened. It's semi on my way home from work.

    Perhaps this link will help:


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