Thursday, April 4, 2013

Seasonal Changes

After I went to the Nats' home opener on Monday and basked in the glorious sunshine (not to mention April showers), I came home and moved these items--tweeds and browns--to the hall closet where my clothes take their seasonal vacations.

Of course, this morning saw sub-freezing temperatures in the suburbs, so I had to reverse course and put the lightweight suiting back into storage.

I love tweed dearly, but I'm ready for a change of pace.


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  2. I love the last blazer in the picture (the tweed on the right). It's stunning.

  3. It's part of a suit, made in the 70's from the look of it. The lapel notches sport a very obtuse angle and are about 1.2" from apex to apex. The labels are "Lanificio Titanus" and "Young Club sanRemo." It was an ebay acquisition. Glad you like it. It goes well with a wool necktie.


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