Friday, March 29, 2013

Trouble, Trouble, Trouble

French cuffs seem to be magnets for this kind of mishap--some sort of dirt or grime or something that won't come out, even at the dry cleaners.  It happened on both sides, actually, and I've had this shirt just a few months.  No fancy solution to offer here.  You have to decide whether it looks bad enough.  I'm still on the fence (and lacking a bit of depth on my dress-shirt bench at the moment).  If I were giving objective advice to myself, I'd say, "Goodwill this immediately."  Maybe I should take my own advice.


  1. Lee, a good tailor can actually fabricate a brand new french cuff to replace the sullied or damaged original. I've actually had this work performed on two of my french cuff shirts (the impetus being my desire to have them fasten a little closer to my wrist -- similar to the "sleeve gap" problem you've posted about in the past). Check out Randolph Tailors in Ballston if you're interested. He actually goes so far as to find fabric that's aged/faded to the same extent as the rest of the shirt!

  2. Jeff! I'm flattered that you're digging through the back catalog. I used to live in Ballston and walked past Randolph many times. I have been looking for a new alterations tailor and will check them out on your recommendation.


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