Tuesday, October 8, 2013


Burgundy briefcase: $20 on ebay, shipped.  Real leather.  Functional locks.  Multiple pockets.  Suede lining.

Black briefcase: gift from many years ago. Clasp stopped working. Emailed the manufacturer, Aaron Irvin, who sent me a replacement clasp free of charge.

Belt at top of image: the rats (pet rats...) chewed on the leather at the end, which caused the fabric underneath to start to unravel a bit. I tuck or fold it so it doesn't show.

Shred of dry-cleaners tag on the left edge: laundering and ironing my own shirts for the time being. Got tired of how fast they shrink, stain, improperly flatten, and otherwise wear out at the dry cleaners.

Entire image: meant to just photograph the briefcases. Accidentally photographed belt and tag.  Rather than re-take photograph, used it as is.  Money saved: $0.  Still, it's the principle!

Do your part!

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