Saturday, October 19, 2013

Unsubtle Subtlety

I like to peacock a bit from time to time, meaning the hours of the day when I am awake and not in the house, especially as the weather turns and the darker suits come out of the storage closet.  Not-really-hidden red at the neck and ankles makes a great pop and acts as an in-joke between you and yourself and which you are constantly telling to relative strangers at parties.

Scarlet socks from Dapper Classics, a Christmas gift from Dapper-in-Law, a professional scrapbooker.  Bowtie by Cinabre, a gift from Dapper Spouse, nice muted almost-olive color on the front, crimson on the back.

N.B. The socks also coordinate with the red highlights in our VW GTI's upholstery and steering-wheel thread.  Are you detecting a pattern? 

(Shameless plug: if you or someone you know likes scrapbooking with top-notch production values, this scrapbooking retreat at the Hyatt Dulles next year, organized by Dapper-in-Law and other scrappers, should be, well, epic.)

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