Monday, December 30, 2013

Breaking Down and Acquiring a Classic

I resisted desert boots for quite a long time.  Then, a little over a year ago, right as I was about to get a pair, they underwent a renaissance among the bro crowd.  I correctly judged this to be a fad--in certain segments of the clothed population, good taste can only last so long and by accident--and they're more or less back to normal prevalence.  So when I saw these Clarks at DSW for 34% off or so, I knew the time was right.  Not suede, but a soft leather that takes temporary markings the way suede takes permanent ones.

Fan though I am of minimal socks, the leather around the mouth is emphatically not yet supple.  I therefore wear my soccer socks under them to protect my delicate shins.  Plus, those socks are tres comfortable for wet winters.  It's been since I was in the Boy Scouts since I appreciated the joys of warm, dry feet.

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