Monday, January 13, 2014


Been digging pretty hard into the eBay menswear universe recently, waiting for a miracle.  It ain't easy.  You see things like J. Press 3-roll-2 jackets that have been pressed into oblivion as 3-button-two jackets.  Secondhand John Lobb Chelsea boots for $700.  A seller with a ton of tweed suits, all described as "MOD VINTAGE INDIE."  Obvious misdescriptions of fabric.  Shawl-collared brown suits.  Brogued Norwegian toes.  It's about as pleasant and life-affirming as mindlessly scanning Facebook.

But for lightly used specimens of any brand you trust implicitly--such as Allen Edmonds--it's hard to go wrong.  Much like thrifting (according to the menswear bloggers with the patience for it), you have to put in a lot of time to get a good deal.  But the deals are good.


  1. I am still not convinced, but I am thinking about it.

  2. High quality shoe brands are there in droves. Tweeds as well. Basically anything that is built to last.


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