Sunday, June 1, 2014

Color Is Hard: Cont'd

Cream trousers and burgundy oxfords, right?  What could possibly go wrong?  Tan socks.  I didn't notice for an hour or so, after which the exceedingly faint lime green in the trousers became as glaring as the noonday sun.  Like how all women on television right now have gently curled hair all of the time.  And you can't wear green with tan like that. 

Think back to the first time a significant other showed you paint swatches.  Remember how you were irritated because the differences seemed so inconsequential?  Well, bucko, you were actually irritated because the differences were truly massive but you weren't skilled enough to really distinguish them.  It wasn't a dumb question; it was that the answer was beyond your brain's accrued powers of perception.  It's not your fault.  Male-presenting people grow up not having to learn this sort of thing.  But it's there, boy-o, and people are noticing even if you aren't. 


  1. It's possible the red in the shoes is picking up the green in the pants (although I don't love the socks either way). Red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel and are an extremely high contrast pairing. Since they have nothing in common color-wise, they amplify each other's differences.

    Unless you've successfully worn those shoes with those pants before, in which case blame the socks.

  2. Repeated testing has determined that Breton-stripe socks in navy and white do a reasonably good job of bringing the slacks and pants together.

    By the way, my most recent post is relevant to your interests.


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