Monday, June 30, 2014

Everything In Its Place

My sister-in-law is a personage of import and talent in the scrapbooking world.  Dapper Spouse does some work for this family business (one of several, including the previously mentioned 5 Rings Fitness), such as verifying measurements, which sometimes requires her to have the final version of whatever project is at issue. 

The device shown was apparently once known as a "folio cabinet."  Dapper District disavows knowledge of folios, cabinets, folio cabinets, cabinet folios, or cabinolio folinets, but in any event, the item has been repurposed to hold my small accessories: unhangable knit ties, business cards, watches, pocketknives, sunglasses--all of those little things too large for the cufflink holder (also shown, in black) but too small for a valet tray or too cluttery for an ordinary shelf.

The doors even seal with a magnetic closure device.  It is all quite high in production values.

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