Sunday, March 8, 2015

A Large Compilation Of Infographics, Courtesy Of Clickbait's Takeover Of The Internet

In their defense, at least they give credit to the site where they found each graphic, if not the site which created the graphic originally.

Ignore the comments about how it's just too expensive to dress well.  Seasoned readers will know that not to be true.


  1. Dapper,

    I'm curious as to your take on these tips, particularly the first 10 or so. After that they generally become style choices or instructionals. Does it generally get fits and tips correct?

    I'm working to transition from lower business casual (khakis and polos) to higher business casual, which will involve more fitted shirts and occasionally suits. I'd like to do it correctly.

    Recently seeing "Kingsmen" has inspired me to do this sooner rather than later, and I'd like to take advantage while I have the fire to do so.

  2. In addition, nearly everything I get must be tailored, or often built. Long arms and torso, and very little fits me off the rack or even from the package.

  3. Fair Qs. I would say that the information below item #10 is still largely useful, especially the parts that are pure information or color assistance. The one about "rules you should break" is a bit pedestrian.

    I should also add that the necktie knots infographic is a waste of time and space. The four in hand, the half Windsor, and the Windsor are probably the only knots you should ever use. I haven't worn anything but a four in hand for years; Pater prefers the half Windsor.

    Nor should you ever spend that much time folding your pocket square. Either do the TV fold after ironing a linen hankie, or just fluff it out and stick it in your pocket.

    Wear This Not That is spot on.

  4. I am going to dedicate a new post to your second thread. Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. I was taught the full Windsor, and "invented" the half Windsor myself when being lazy (later finding out it already existed, which dampened my sense of accomplishment. I was crushed.)

    Thanks for the help!


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