Thursday, July 8, 2010

Necessaries: Nice Shorts

The test results are in: Men's legs are just not all that appealing.  However, it's bloody hot and humid in D.C. these days, and we have to do something on the weekends.  Jeans are not an option, so the question becomes: How do we maximize our shorts-wearing?  A few rules, proposed by yours truly:

1.  No pleats.
2.  No cargo pockets.
3.  Narrower leg openings.
4.  A color other than khaki.
5.  For god's sake, buy them in the correct size for your body.

These are a half-cotton/half-linen pair I got in a big sale at Banana Republic.  $20 or so, if memory serves.  They have some gray and some white in them, but they look more blue when paired with a blue shirt.  In other words, very versatile.  I like to wear them with my Chuck Taylors.

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