Friday, July 9, 2010

Vacation: Rental Tuxedos

I'm in Frisco, Texas (near Dallas) today and tomorrow for my friend's wedding at Fairytale Manor (can't find the place's actual homepage).  As a member of the wedding party, I will be issued a rented tuxedo for matching purposes.  This is standard practice designed to keep the groomsmen looking as consistent as possible for photograph and at-the-altar views.

There might have been a day when this wasn't necessary--when every gentleman could be expected to own a single-button black tuxedo with grosgrain, peak lapels--but it's gotten to where such a tux is impossible to find at any menswear store.  (Jos. A. Bank, for example, sticks with notch-lapel tux jackets.)  Nevermind the monstrosities one finds at a high-school prom anywhere in the country.

And why would a gentleman own a tux these days, anyway?  I've been to about seven weddings; only one required a tux of its male guests, and I was in middle school at the time.  Other than weddings, there are so few opportunities to wear the damned thing.  I lamented this the other night with my girlfriend's parents.

When do YOU wear a tux?


  1. Quite rarely, though I do enjoy it. I find I'm the only one who can show my friends how to properly handle the cuff links and jewelry, so I've been a groomsman more often than I'd care to admit.

  2. I've only worn one twice, both for others weddings. My bride let the men get away with black suits.

  3. I have worn them to awards dinners, high school graduation, and to weddings where black tie was preferred. Other than that - nowhere else. Going to dinner in a tux no matter how fancy the place makes you look like you work at the restaurant (and if you have a good tux it just means you look like the manager).

  4. Thank you all for the trenchant comments. Anon, I think the only restaurant exception would be (maybe, never tried it myself) a pre-opera or -symphony or -theater menu at a fancy restaurant, but ONLY on opening night.

  5. Agreed - however that opening night better be in a MAJOR city at a restaurant that has at least one $35+ steak on the menu!


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