Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Quick Fix: Crooked Cuffs

Often, my right-hand French cuff will look like this after I fasten it--the below-link portion is straight, and the above-link portion flares toward my body.  This doesn't happen on brand-new shirts because the two pieces of fabric composing the cuff are the same length.  But after many washings (or one, at my dry cleaners), the unfinished side seems to shrink a bit faster than the finished side.  This may be because the fabric is thinner.

Anyway!  The solution is simple.  Stick your other hand's index finger into the cuff (from left to right, from this picture's perspective), between your wrist and the cufflink, as far as it will go.  Do you feel that bump of fabric?  That's the culprit.  Now pinch the outer cuff face with your thumb, apply some pressure with your index finger, and move the lump about 180 degrees around your wrist.  The move will get lose some of the bump naturally, and the remainder won't be so obvious halfway around the world, so to speak.  The cuff ends should now line up nicely.

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