Friday, October 29, 2010

Punctilios: Formal Cufflinks

I wore these yesterday with the gray herringbone suit and no tie.  (Those aren't diamonds around the edges, just texture on the chrome.)  Black, square, and diamondesque nearly screams "black tie!" but they weren't sold as a set with shirt studs, so I feel relatively safe deploying them in businesswear settings.

As I've indicated before, my jury is still out on whether it's Generally Okay to wear cufflinks without a tie.  It's definitely not going to work if you're not wearing a suit.  (I know, because I've seen it done with an extremely nice pair of pants and an even-nicer shirt, and it still looked...trying-too-hard.  Can someone give me a German agglutinative translation of "trying-too-hard"?)  But I love the black-on-gray-near-white contrast here.  Looks very sharp with a gold, textured tie.

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