Monday, November 8, 2010

Getting Your Game Face On

When you need to spend an hour or two working from home, it's hard to stay focused.  So many distractions--I could take out the trash, for example, or fold laundry, or play Fallout 3: New Vegas for my fortieth hour, or eat cookie dough out of the freezer.

So when I got home, I swapped my suit (as I did before) for this shirt and a bow tie--this one having come in the post from Ellie at The Cordial Churchman, with selection guidance, on demand, from friend Erin.  I find that dressing up a bit for the home office hones my attention.

What's that you say?  That little bit of fabric in the center of the bow looks like seersucker, whereas the rest looks like madras?

Hell yeah, it does, because this bad boy is reversible.  I'm in love.


  1. So stylish. Smart trick to stay focused, too.

  2. Why does the bow tie seem so big though? Is that a trend these days?


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