Thursday, November 11, 2010

Q&A: Permanent Creases

Anonymous asks:

Do you get "permanent creases" put in your suit pants, if not how do you keep your pants creased as steaming them doesn't seem to take care of this? 

I know that Jos. A. Bank offers permanent creases when you buy the suit, but my salesmen never offer it to me.  I do not know why this is so.  I do not ask for the permanent crease.  However, I find that the crease stays noticeable for months after it comes back from the dry cleaners.  I guess I've never focused on it.  So, good question, Anonymous!

You should be able to get the crease back on your own if you don't want to drop $3 at the cleaners.  Put your iron on the high-steam setting, lay the pants leg out on your ironing board exactly as you want it--there are no do-overs on this, unfortunately--put a handkerchief down over the area to be pressed, get the steam going, and press down like you're ironing, but only for a second.  If you overdo it, the crease will be too deep and will look funny.  Think of yourself as a benevolent small-town sheriff: Mete out your steamy justice only where needed and in the smallest amount necessary.

There are also pants pressers, but dang, they're expensive, and it's one more appliance to have to find a place for.


  1. Thanks for the info! It worked.
    I agree, the cleaners can do it for $3 but just like shirts, they really abuse your clothes with their irons/presses and I want to make sure my suits last.

  2. I hear that. My budget means suits need to last for years. I usually don't take a suit to the dry cleaners unless it has taken on an odor. Otherwise, a hand steamer and diligent hanging are enough to keep it looking sharp.


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