Thursday, February 10, 2011

Punctilios: Retirement

Some leather uppers (term of art for the part of a shoe other than the sole, laces not included) are designed to last for a lifetime or for multiple generations, perpetually reattached to new soles as they wear out. These Nunn Bushes are not such shoes.

They were extraordinarily long-lived for a pair that cost perhaps $80.  They have admirably survived heavy wear over the course of seven years.  But when the most furrowed part of the toe finally splits, it's like a shoe giving you two weeks' notice.  You don't have to find a replacement pair right now, but you'd better start looking.  So I'm off to eBay this weekend, looking for well-preserved Aldens. Once acquired, these old chaps will make their way to Goodwill for a new life.

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