Friday, February 25, 2011

Tactics: Shoe Selection

I couldn't decide which pair of shoes (brown or burgundy) went better with these slacks by looking at them in my I did this.  Brown was the clear winner.  Again, poor lighting means you'll just have to trust me.

Also worth discussing is the contrast between these shoes.  Obviously, the burgundy wingtips are dramatically more formal.  In fact, I really shouldn't be wearing slip-ons with a suit at all, ever, except that I haven't found a brown pair of shoes that I like to replace them, and I bought the slip-ons back before I realized the error of my ways w/r/t suit-appropriate shoes.

The slip-ons go well with denim, though.  To every thing, there is a season, &c &c.


  1. I am so glad you said you went with brown, because I took one look at this photo and said "oh god, the one on the left, please have worn the one on the left!" And then you did!

  2. Thistle returns! But yeah, the problems with burgundy were even more apparent to the human eye than they were to my cell phone's sensor.


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