Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Casual/Color: Praxis/Heuristic

I thought I should give an example of color section in casual clothes, given the other day's post.  The shirt is less orange in real life. (I need a better camera.)

Red Ford Mustang vintage-feel T-shirt, Urban Outfitters in Georgetown several years ago;
APC New Standard denim, the only jeans I wear these days, one month old;
White low-top Chuck Taylors.
Navy stripe around the border of the shoes picks up dark blue tones in the denim and the faded blue in the shirt. Red stripe around the border of the shoes picks up red in the shirt.
Visual unity.

Look, some people have an aversion to Chuck Taylors, but for $40, you cannot get a more permanently stylish pair of sneakers. If I'm wrong, please correct me in the comments. Gray and navy are also popular, versatile colors.

Finally, welcome, new readers! I will try not to have my future Washingtonian columns be about me.

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