Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seersucker Chronicles

I wore the seersucker side of this bowtie to the State Theatre for a bluegrass show (and opening act, both worth checking out).  Mainly because I wanted to and because I'd worn the madras side to the previous Stringdusters show at the State (opening act, SLYT must watch) and you all know how I am about traditions.

It got a lot of random-person compliments, definitely more than any other thing I've ever worn.  I also got a drunk old bastard trying to start a fight with me by getting up in my face and asking me if I was going to fscking prom or something, but you take the good with the bad.

Sure, some of the pleasure comes from getting attention and positive feedback.  But I really revel in the way that a playful piece of clothing can give other people this kind of vicarious joy, the kind that prompts them to accidentally find themselves outside their comfort zone, accosting a stranger to deliver very specific flattery.  Then, they get a little bit embarrassed and withdraw, but the smile lingers.  It's a very human moment.

And happy mother's day!

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