Friday, November 11, 2011

Foggy-Brain Glee Edition

I pulled on some dressy-casual clothes for a still-faintly-ill Veterans Day.  A sweater (Banana Republic outlet) in case I got chills.  A button-down (J. Crew outlet), since I practice law, after all.

Slip-on Allen Edmonds (ebay) tassel loafers, APC New Standard selvedge denim (Mater, Christmas).

After I got dressed, my somewhat groggy thought process went like this:
1. This feels really familiar.
2. Oh, I'm dressed like that guy on that TV show.  AC Slater.
3. Wait, I meant that kid on Glee. [google] Blaine Anderson.
4. "AC Slater?"  Damn, you're old, relatively.  And ignorant of pop culture.  Thank goodness Dapper Girlfriend makes you watch Glee.  She also took you to Wicked at the Kennedy Center
5. Hey, I guess you could do worse than accidentally put together a kit resembling the masculine-stylish headline gay character on a hit television show about musical theater.
6. After all, you sang and danced in the Law Revue at GWU all three years. [My five minutes of Internet fame.]

And thank you for the well wishes.  Feeling much better today.

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