Monday, August 22, 2011

Summer Dressy Casual: Kennedy Center Kit

Saw Wicked's final Kennedy Center performance at the Opera House last night.  (Hat tip to my girlfriend for graciously taking me.)  Merits of the musical notwithstanding, let's talk about dressing for the Kennedy Center.

Another hat tip to the GF, who had a trenchant insight as we people-watched on the veranda overlooking the Potomac after the sun set and left only the humidity to bedevil us: the Kennedy Center is one of the few places where guys have a harder time than girls in picking what to wear.

The KC is a populist venue.  Tourists come to shows.  You wouldn't wear black tie unless maybe it was opening night at the opera.  Nor would a townie wear shorts and a T-shirt to the KC; we all understand that something more is required.  But how much?

I went with my APC New Standards, a moleskin blazer from JAB (had on clearance for $70), Welsh ties from Wales, white linen shirt from Gap, and the white bucs.

Of course, you'll be totally safe, albeit just a touch dressy, in a suit and tie if you're well tailored.  My jeans-dressed-up-with-jacket-and-tie-which-are-then-dressed-down-through-use-of-texture approach was also popular.  But I thought the folks wearing summer-weight suits had the best of it.

So dress up a bit at the KC, and take it as a chance to challenge yourself a little.  You'll be in good company.

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