Saturday, March 23, 2013

Don't Try To Stop Me

Wild pocket square (Brooks Brothers, clearance (can you imagine why?)) with hints of navy (necktie, Charles Tyrwhitt) in the turquoise, hints of pink (shirt, also Charles Tyrwhitt) in the magenta.  I couldn't decide whether the square was too outre or too matchy. The colors are so friggin' rich--why haven't they made me President yet? 

That's the nice thing about being thrifty + an eBay dry spell.  You eventually get tired of wearing the same white linen pocket square every time with an outfit and grab something random out of the back of the closet just to see if it goes.  I would do this more often, but I don't usually lay out my clothes the night before, and I dress in the morning before I have any caffeine, so my creative brain isn't engaged yet.

I would get a valet stand--something like this--and lay out everything the night before, but I think Dapper Fiancee would give me no end of ribbing about it.

I just put down a bid on a double-breasted 2x2-keystone Hickey Freeman suit on eBay.  Keep your fingers crossed for me.  Need a little new blood in the closet.

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