Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ups and Downs of Chinos

So these are from Banana Republic, on sale, 34" inseam.  That's longer than I usually take, but the 32" pair I had gotten in green shrank after one washing to the point that they never quite reached the tops of my shoes.  That look becomes trendy once in a blue moon, but it always goes away in a few months.  When I bought the 34s, the salesperson assured me that the pants were pre-shrunk and couldn't imagine how the 32s had, in fact, shrunk. 

So I toiled in the 34s for several months with the cuffs rolled once.  Dapper Fiancee gave me a hard time about this, but my alterations person said that if we hemmed them higher, it would never look right due to the material used. 

Now, having washed them a few times more than necessary and perhaps on higher temperatures than were called for by the situation, they have a full break rather than puddling at my ankles.  Not ideal for chinos, but such are the perils of having a leg height which is somewhere between the standard sizes.  This is another good reason not to spend $200 on a pair of cotton pants.

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