Monday, July 15, 2013

Customer Service

Brown suede Neumoks, a wingtip balmoral, from Allen Edmonds.  (The names they give their quirky or strangely colored models always sound like Pokemon to me.  Banchory, cast Goodyear Welt!)  This is the second pair I've owned.  A gash opened up in the instep of the first pair.  I sent them to AE, who promptly sent me a new pair.  I'm not convinced that they were convinced that the gash was structural rather than wearer-induced, but my heart would've been broken otherwise.

Worn with no-show socks in the summer, they are just about perfect at everything except for standing up to a daily Virginia monsoon.  I wore them on Saturday only after determining that I would be in a bar during the entire period for which rain was predicted.  I admit I was in the bar both before and after the precipitation but will not admit for how long on either side.

Tan linen pants from Old Navy for $30, green Gap camp shirt for about $5.  I got them quite a while ago and have been trying to wean myself off of Bangladeshi labor in the meantime, with limited success.

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