Sunday, March 14, 2010

Alas: Notes on Personal Growth

I recently had to take several suit jackets to my tailor because they had developed a roll between the shoulders.  His seamstress informed us that we would not be able to remove any more material to correct future rolls.  We puzzled over why so many had developed the same problem all at once, until the answer came to me.

You see, unfortunately, I had gotten back into upper-body weightlifting (for size, I admit, not strength).  Protein shakes, supersets, freeweights, all that good stuff, and it was working--working so well that my deltoids and trapezii(?) were starting to make the jackets' collars hang funny while simultaneously stretching them across a slightly broader expanse of back.  The result?  Shoulder rolls.

I lack funds to go up a jacket size in all my suits, but I am a glass-half-full sort most of the time, so I reminded myself that one of my New Year's resolutions was to run a 10k race, picked up some new running shoes yesterday, and have dedicated myself to that athletic pursuit.  In fact, I think I hear a break in the rain.  Be back in an hour or so.

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