Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Color is Hard: Damn the Torpedos

Apologies for the image noise.  I will start using a proper camera one of these days.  The shirt you see here was on clearance at Paul Frederick for $20.  I will buy any shirt from PF once it hits $20, provided it does not have a contrast collar (i.e. a collar that is not the same pattern and/or color as the rest of the shirt).  It looked a lot less...difficult on the Internet.  When it arrived, I despaired until I thought of my light-gray Hickey suit.

Like a sleek, purple-and-pink jaguar, I stalked the tie racks at my local Filene's Basement. Three visits passed before I spotted the above tie for $20.  The indistinct detail within each square is a little flower made of silver thread.

I like this combination because:
  1. The suit gray goes with the tie silver and the shirt white.
  2. The tie squares are larger versions of the shirt squares but with the colors inverted.
  3. Really, the suit's neutral gray could pull off almost any color of shirt.
I was still apprehensive about wearing it to work, since the office isn't quite that colorful, but I figured, "To hell with it.  They won't fire me for this."  Sure enough, I got a lot of compliments on it.

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    1. I find that is often the riskier fashion choices, or those one is most hesitant about, which receive the most compliments.


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