Friday, May 14, 2010

Necessaries: A Geek's Umbrella

(nicked from this page. Look how young Harrison Ford is!)

A month or so ago, I recommended that one always have handy a good umbrella.  A lovely site called ThinkGeek offers an excellent way to do this while also flying one's geek flag: the Blade Runner Umbrella.  Mine finally arrived (they were sold out for a painfully long time), and it rests in the corner of my office, waiting for a time when it gets dark before 9:00pm.

Or until that damned volcano's ash cloud covers D.C.


  1. I'm totally ordering one of these umbrellas!

    Also, nice blog!

  2. Thanks! Another nice thing about the umbrella is that it's a really great umbrella. Very good material, excellent mechanism. No squeaky metal parts or clicky teeth to pinch oneself on.


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