Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Necessaries: A Good Umbrella

Now that the D.C. monsoon season is upon us, a suit-wearing gentleman (indeed, any gentleman) needs a sturdy, large umbrella.  Shown is an approximately 30"-long specimen in the colors of my lex alma mater (aw-lay ool-skay in Pig Latin).  It resides by the door to my office because I have an attached garage at home and my office building and I drive to work because I can't stand commuting via Metro because I am a wilting flower.

When it is time for a new one (soon; as you can see, the upper Velcro clasp is no longer functional, and its sister is not long for the world), I may go a bit shorter.  The benefit of a golf umbrella is that you are dry; the detriment is that you are In The Way of other pedestrians.  Etiquette tip: lift your umbrella over the heads of shorter passers-by with umbrellas smaller than yours, to minimize your inconvenience to your fellows.

If you get caught in a drizzle, be sure to brush off your suit jacket's shoulders ASAP when you get inside--the padding will permanently deform if it gets thoroughly wet.  If you get caught in a downpour, remove your suit jacket, turn it inside out, and fold it in half vertically, then horizontally to surround the shoulders with expendable fabric. Protect the parcel with your body until you can get to dry land.

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