Monday, August 16, 2010

"Come on, D.C., score a goal--it's really ****ing simple

Put the ball into the net, and we'll go ****ing mental."

Went to my first DC United game (against FC Dallas, of my hometown; I remember the Dallas Burn) with two fine gentlemen on Saturday.  We sat with La Barra Brava (roughly, The Brave Cadre of Fans) down at field-level in a section with broken seats, most likely from the fans jumping on them while chanting obscenity at the opposing team and/or DC United.  Represented were at least two apparent sexes, a panoply of genders, a cornucopia of ethnicities, a contingent of the shirtless, and Batman playing a snare drum.  Altogether quite a rousing experience.

I picked up this DC United scarf from the club shop.  The scarf has red, white, and black to it, which means it'll go well with a gray overcoat or a charcoal suit when winter rolls around.  Practical and team-spirited.  I wrapped it around my fist whenever I gave in to the urge to violently strike the seatback in front of me, like when DC United gave up a third goal in second-half injury time.

Also, unlike a jersey, a scarf won't tempt you to wear it to a party and then dominate your entire outfit to the point that people can't even remember whether you were wearing pants or had a face.  Rule of Thumb: If you are going to wear a sports jersey somewhere, that somewhere needs to be a sporting event, or viewing thereof.  On other occasions, if you must, how about a nice baseball cap instead, which you remove when you go indoors, like a gentleperson?

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